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Meet Jamie Jamie was born in the turbulent 's to a pair of aging East Coast hippie parents. The North Node of Hidalgo is at 21 Aries The Aries-Libra influence of Hidalgo's nodal axis suggests the necessity of the union of decisive action and adequate forethought, and that action may be exalted by who or what it benefits, either the self or others.

Love Asteroids Horoscope for October 2017.

The Sabian Symbol for 21 Aries is "The gate to the garden of desire", underscoring Hidalgo's adventurous streak. Gemini, Hidalgo's sign of perihelion, is further indicative of Hidalgo's "fast-moving", action-oriented influence, and also suggests that "the pen[Gemini] may is mightier than the sword," or that brain[Gemini] may be superior to brawn. The year of Hidalgo's discovery saw, among other things, the consolidation of power by the Communists in Soviet Russia; pacifist agitation inspired by revulsion against World War I and the formation of the League of Nations, forerunner of the United Nations, by which all nations may advocate for themselves and one another in a peaceful and cooperative manner; the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.

Constitution, which gave American women the vote; and the election of Warren Harding to the U. Presidency over James Cox, an election whose results were reported by radio.

Astrology Alphabet: PANDORA, asteroid #55. Hieroglyphics character sign (single symbol).

Pandora,asteroid 55, is a moderate-sized main-belt asteroid with a cycle of 4 years, He named it for a well-known figure of Greco-Roman mythology, Pandora, a woman fashioned by the Olympian gods whose innocent curiosity in opening a box she had been expressly forbidden to open loosed all that is evil upon humanity. She slammed shut the box too late, and found nothing left inside but Hope, by which all evil may be conquered.

The sister-in-law of Prometheus, Pandora was a left-handed gift from the gods of Olympus to Prometheus's brother Epimetheus and was intended to punish humanity for receiving the gift of fire from Prometheus. All the gods had contributed positive attributes to her makeup;Pandora in Greek means "the all-gifted one. Pandora also ties into the Greek version of the Flood legend. She and Epimetheus would have a daughter named Pyrrha, who with Prometheus' son Deucalion would survive a great flood in an ark and repopulate the world from the rocks on the ground.

Deucalion correctly interpreted a cryptic command by the Titan Themis to "veil their heads and cast behind them the bones of their mother" to mean they should veil their heads and throw rocks the bones of Mother Earth behind them. The rocks thrown by Deucalion became men when they hit the ground, and the rocks thrown by Pyrrha became women.

The race of strong humans thus created had what it took to recreate the world. The legend of Pandora and the box contributed the expression "Pandora's box" a prolific and uncontainable source of troubles, i. The name refers to an incident involving a man who published an astronomical journal at the Dudley Observatory at the time of the asteroid Pandora's discovery; he got into a dispute with the observatory's owner and was ejected by hired thugs. The asteroid Pandora represents the principle of impact. It impels to curiosity, restlessness, turbulence, adventurousness, a desire to make a difference or a splash, the urge to "be all one can be," unintended consequences and a process of change, and often indicates many abilities.

This is very suggestive of the qualities of Aries, the sign of Pandora's perihelion. Patriarchal distrust of female power led to the ancient Greek demonization of Pandora and, through her, women in general, as the ancient Hebrews and Christians demonized her counterpart Eve.

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When afflicted, Pandora acts more easily in a socially inappropriate or destructive manner. Pandora's North Node is at 10 Aries 50; the Sabian Symbol for 10 Aries, "The president of the country," indicates self-sacrifice demanded of anyone who would become the creative representative of eternal value on the one hand, and on the other, an often well-meaning but usually destructive assertiveness or vain pretense. The year of Pandora's discovery saw rising unrest over slavery in the U.

Lilith, asteroid , is another main-belt asteroid whose cycle is 4 years, days long. He named it for the French composer Marie-Juliette-Olga "Lili" Boulanger , sister of the equally talented and better-known musician, composer and conductor Nadia Boulanger.