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Intuition is a knowingness that comes without explanation as to how or why. There has been a lot of confusion to the fact whether Sayan system is right or Nirayan. Though being a major difference, yet it has not been well understood. Here, in this article, we try to clarify that the planets in the sky are moving according to Nirayan system, and hence only the nirayan system should be followed in astrology.

Sayan system is merely meant for knowing the earth's position with respect to Sun and thus determining the seasons but it is not meant for knowing which planet is passing through which sign. After Celestial Arithmatic in the January issue we now present understanding of date and time of birth in various calenders and clocks. On the conclusion of the series "Learn Astrology' we hereby give answers to many frequently asked questions on astrology, ranging from relevance of astrology and remedies suggested therein, to the deep rooted questions on calculations and predictions.

Education is essential for every body. Rahu and Ketu are two modes of Moon and they are regarded as full-fledged planets in Astrology. They are considered as most dreaded planets. Horary is a formula based on the ruling planet. The query is the tallied with the relevant houses connected with the subject. To predict horoscope, consider the houses one by one and see the planets placed in the house, the planets aspecting it,the placement of its lord and the planets aspecting it, or associated with the lord.

Amalgamation of the effects of these units give, us the complete prediction about the horoscope. Astro-numerology can tell about the, good and bad times in future, present and past. The author discussed the diseases which are connected with particular numbers. In this lesson we are describing sidereal time and are listing the formulas to derive 10th house and ascendant degree accurately using sidereal time. Oral computation of ascendant is also described. Attention is drawn towards the common error committed by most of the fellow astrologers in the computation of ascendant or planet degrees.

Scientifically, recital of Mantra for a particular planet forms a protection layer around the man. Stone increases the benefic aspects by absorbing rays of the planet and flowing them into the human body. Medical Astrology Life is beset with good and bad, health and disease. The significance of Rasis, houses and planets with reference to astro- medicology are : Signs Aries : The crown of head-the scalp, masculine, firey, movable Taurus : Signifies face, neck, earthy, feminine, fixed.

Gemini : Chest, common sign, airy, bisexual. Cancer : Heart, movable, feminine, watery. Leo : Stomach, abdominal organs, fixed, fiery, juices. Virgo : Hips, common sign, feminine. Libra : Naval region, umbilicus, airy, movable, masculine. Scorpio : Genital organs, femine, watery, fixed. Sagittarius : Thighs, common sign, fiery, masculine. Capricorn : Knees, feminine, earthy, movable. Aquarius : Calves of the feet, fixed, windy, masculine. Pisces : Feet, common sign, feminine, watery. Houses First house : Head, neck and pelvis.

Third house : Right ear, arm, overy, testicles, leg, throat. Seventh house : Mouth, lips, naval region, groins, feet. Ninth house : Left cheek, heart and knee. Tenth house : Left side body, nostrils, thigh. Eleventh house : Left ear, arm, overy and testicles. Planets Sun : Bald head, head, stomach, bones, heart, blood vessels, blood, eyes, brain, throat, spleen, fever, brain disorders, eye, ear, nose and throat diseases, diarrhoea etc. Jupiter : Male, fatty, big bellied, phlegmatic, digestive organs, liver. Ketu : Bones, poisons, intoxicants, joints.

Benefics hemmed between malefics loose their benefic effects. Permanent Defects Certain position of planets cause permanent physical defects like dumbness, squint eye, blindnesss, defects in the limbs etc. Saturn is the farthest inner planet in our solar Read more….

Teacher of lost souls The legend has it that Venus once were a teacher of demons or lost souls. Beauty Beauty, charm and physical attractiveness is a blessing form a strong and well-placed Venus. Wealth and Luxury A well-placed Venus also blesses us with all kinds of conveyances and luxury. Marriage and Partnership Venus in a birth chart with the 7th house signifies marriage — it indicates the nature of spouse and marital harmony. Additional significations related to Venus in Astrology Signifies — Sexual pleasures, romance, potency, art, poetry, cinema, dancing, paintings, jewelry, elegance, and devotion.

Body Parts — Face, neck, semen, and outer sexual organs. Relation — Signifies marriage or life partner. Houses related to Venus the 4th house — vehicles and conveyances the 7th house — marital bliss and partnerships the 12th house — spiritual self-realization and sexual pleasures. Categories: Planets. Tags: Beauty Luxury marriage Venus.

Informative, accurate and well written article. Sun in Taurus - Astrology. Mars in Taurus - Your Actions - Astrology. Mercury in Taurus - Astrology. Mercury in Libra - Astrology. Venus in Aries - Astrology. Venus in Gemini - Astrology. Venus in Cancer - Astrology. Venus in Leo - Astrology.

The placement of a spiritual planet Venus in the sign of Sun indicates a great amount of self-awareness which leads to the illumination of […] Reply. Venus in Scorpio - Astrology. Venus in Sagittarius - Astrology. The symbols sum up the combination of influences of planets, elements, triplicities and solar and lunar influences. Where planets are shown, the first is dominant. Like the planets, the constellations seem to be founded on the principles of the octave and thus show a pattern and a symmetry on yet another sphere.

It is generally much easier to observe the action of the planets in a person than the actions of the constellations unless, that is, there are an excess of planets in one constellation. This order followed the neo-Platonic scheme.

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Of course, no account was taken of the trans-Saturnian bodies which began to be discovered from the 18th century onwards. Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Mars are solar. Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are lunar. In the case of the birth of a child, the child is that which reconciles father and mother. In this sense, neither father nor mother could exist without the child. The Moon reflecting the light from the Sun reveals a profound wisdom, which is that the Moon is as essential to the scheme of things as the Sun. Leaders cannot exist without followers, day cannot exist without night.

The Sun and the Moon are twin aspects of the same thing. It is taken for granted, yet without it, all would be extinguished. It is Kala. The Moon The Moon's role is to reflect. It is Kama or desire. They represent growth and decay, birth and death, soft and hard and all other pairs of opposites. Kali's fifteen days have horrific and terrifying images, they are seated in the cremation ground, surrounded by skulls and fierce jackals. Her yantra is hexagonal, Lalita occupies the topmost triangle and Kali the lower-most. Sundari and Kali are sexuality and death, twin aspects of the same energy or Shakti.

This direction is reversed in the dark fortnight. When a planet or luminary is close to one of these angles, it has its maximum effect, consonant with its nature. The Ascendant was described as the entrance to heaven, while the Descendant was the entrance to the underworld. The Midheaven is a point on the ecliptic culminating due south at any given time and the IC is the opposite point.

The angles refer to the physical body. For an aspect to be formed, a certain amount of leeway orb is permissible. Aspects can exist between planets and luminaries in constellations and in ninths. The three strongest types of aspect are solar, lunar and angular. Many of the lesser aspects such as trines, sextiles, etc.

The Sun and the Moon are capable of aspecting the eight planets and these eight planets may also occupy the angles of a chart. As each constellation is ' in extent, so in each there are nine candrakalas. These ninths Skt: navamsha are associated with a constellation, starting from Aries and proceeding in order.

A luminary or planet may thus be described by its position, for example Mars in Scorpio, Libra navamsha. The words constellation and house are taken in this work as synonymous. The reason for the importance of the navamsha chart is its foundation on the number The navamshas supplement the delineations of the natal chart and help to make-up for the lack of any house system.

There are, therefore, nadis or half nadis in the whole zodiac. A few have been published in Sanskrit, Tamil and Hindi, while many more exist as dusty and decaying MSS, mouldering in libraries. The Nadi books are credited with fantastic authority and power. Some accounts seem to confirm the wisdom of these seers, able to obtain astounding details of people's lives, down to their names and the names of their pets! I have in my possession a copy of the Devakeralam Nadi. At the outset, it is stated that the purpose of the book is to establish the correct time of birth.

If the astrologer has one of these volumes which is reasonably complete, the time of birth is taken from the client, a chart erected and a handful of nadis close to the Ascendant examined. By asking the client different questions relating to significant events, place of birth and the like, the astrologer arrives at an approximation to the correct time of birth, accurate to within 24 seconds of time.

Without knowledge of the effects of a nadi, it is impossible to obtain the characteristics of the ascendant.

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From the nadi may be obtained the details of the birth, combinations making one a king, giving great good fortune, the nature of the best kind of birth, fracture of limbs and so forth and reverses of birth, birth in poverty, the karma of an embodied being, knowledge about pilgrimages, the qualities of different periods of time, the fortunes and misfortunes arising from various periods and sub-periods, alleviation of the ill-effects of such periods and the different courses of action, what one gains in the world, knowledge about the life span and the nature of a death, combinations leading one to become an ascetic or causing one to wander, combinations relating to one's caste such as Brahmin etc.

From this, they have concluded that these books are under some sort of a curse. But, in our view, any nadi found in any of these works does not refer to the person consulting it at all. It is the chart of someone else, corresponding so closely to the present client that there are many correlations between the life of the person mentioned in the book and the client. This is based on the proposition that astrology actually has some significance and works.

The nearer the two horoscopes are to each other, the closer the similarities in the two lives. The Nadi books may be vast collections of astrological data collated by hereditary Brahmin families over long periods of time, constituting a database which even today we may make use of and expand with our own data. Each of the nadis has a name associated with the mythology of Hinduism.

In Cardinal signs, the nadis run in order, in Fixed signs they start from the 75th and move forwards to and again commence at 1 and in Mutable signs they start from the th and end at the 1st. These pulses of energy depend on the breaths taken by a human during the day and night.

The Cardinal constellations Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn are the rim of the wheel, always on the move. The Cardinal signs include those folk who are too busy and active to stop and think. They accept the status quo and do their best to implement it. The ram, the crab, the scales and the goat are always in movement. The Mutable signs are caught in the conflict of the pair of opposites. They generally lose interest swiftly. Each of the symbols of the Mutable signs expresses duality. The Fixed signs, although not seeming to move at the hub of the wheel, move the world and all in it.

They are not easily influenced. The ox, the lion, the scorpion and the pot Aquarius all tend to stay at or near one spot. The individual is the measure of the cosmos. The Earth, the Sun and the Moon are the most powerful factors in a horoscope, followed by planetary influence and then constellations. While reading a book may satisfy the mind, astrology studied as it affects others and ourselves gives greater satisfaction, wisdom and insight.

The whole sphere, the pleroma, is in constant movement. Each time factor, be it Sun, Moon or stars, may be taken in turn and studied in other people and in nature. Some questions How do these time factors affect physical appearance? How thought processes? How feelings? Looking at the effects planets have on others makes you more aware of how they affect you. Because these symptoms of time are not hard to find, it is not necessary to erect any horoscope or study any textbook to discover the patterns which already exist. Take one planet at a time and look for its effects in people you meet in your everyday life.

Because the spirit is not bound by a birth chart but instead enjoys the world through it, it becomes possible to assume the various characteristics of aspects, planets and constellations at will. In the ordinary course of events, people may be unaware and ignorant of the time conditions which apparently bind them. Earth is our physical and planetary body. The luminaries symbolise day and night. The Sun raises us and the Moon lulls us to sleep. The planets cause activities of various sorts, while the constellations are the starry background to earthly events. When an aspect occurs, it is like a union of one time factor and another.

Folk tend to behave in groups as if collectively they formed a solar system. Like Jupiter, they may have sub-systems of their own. The difference between Sun and Moon comes down to the difference between reflected and radiated light. The image Moon is often taken to be the whole person, but may simply be a reflection of another light.

Sleeping people, lulled by the harmony of the planetary movement, may seem to behave as unconscious agents for celestial phenomena. Some may wish to escape from this prison. As a chart is a map of microcosm and macrocosm, it is unnecessary to be bound by what should be freely available powers and faculties.

Notes 1. There are actually many other divisions in tantrik astrology which Indian astrologers consider of greater or lesser importance. One commentator on the Brihad Jataka makes the divisions coincide with the six chakras or energy-centres as follows: Muladhara Chakra, the decanates; Svadishthana Chakra the half- signs; Manipura Chakra the navamshas; Anahata Chakra the 30ths; Vishuddha Chakra the 12ths and, at the Ajna Chakra, the whole signs.

The Hindu exaltations differ slightly from those used in the West. These are the highest exaltations while the opposite sign and degrees are the deepest debilitations of the appropriate planets. Brihad Jataka I, IV. Adyar Library edition, Devakeralam Candrakala Nadi, Appendix. Tantriks accept the identity of the Macrocosm the cosmos with the Microcosm the human body. This chapter examines the inner networks of the human body that mirror the movement of celestial bodies.

She wishes to know the true nature of Time and the nature of the planets. Shiva answers that the two letters of the word Kala Time represent His body. He says it is not easily described, but He attempts to illustrate it. Day succeeds night due to the movements of the sun, the moon and other celestial bodies and so it is not correct to speak of Time as being identical with day and night.

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The planets are forms of Consciousness which are inseparable from Time itself. They go round and round at different times in different places, causing change in the Elements. Such variations appear as the Universe. The Elements and their modifications are also destroyed by the planets. They say that in the centre of the earth is a mountain of gold. Earth extends for a great period from this and outside of Earth are seven oceans of different widths. The planets are all within this circle, circumambulating Mount Meru.

This image is metaphysical. Parameshvara goes on to verify that the earth is spherical and gives the correct explanations for eclipses and other astronomical phenomena. Astrology is geocentric but this need not imply that we are ignorant of the movement of the planet Earth around the Sun. Because we live on Earth, the geocentric viewpoint is entirely valid. The physical body is the equivalent of the planet Earth. In it are the counterparts of oceans, rivers, trees, plants, minerals etc.

The seven oceans are identified with the seven bodily tissues of Indian physiology. The body is like a tree, with its root at the top of the head. Around this axis the planets rotate. The axis is the place where Shiva and Shakti, the Sun and the Moon, have their union. The planets also have their own nadis.

This whole cosmos has come into being through the sexual union of Shiva the father and Shakti the mother. Like the macrocosm, it has a definite extent in time and at the close or dissolution of the cosmos, these twin energies of Sun and Moon will once more be merged death. So the entire life of a human being, just as the life of a universe, has a creation, a period of maintenance and a dissolution. This is all under the domain of Lord Kalachakra.

While the Sun and the Moon rule inhalation and exhalation, the planets modify the way a person breathes. It is known to some that when breathing is disturbed it has a profoundly negative effect on the whole person. Inhibition of breath caused by tense throat, chest and stomach muscles is often a way of escaping strong feelings.

We are all familiar with the way we hold our breath when frightened or shocked. The effects of chronic tensions inhibiting breathing range from anxiety to loss of contact with our own bodies. While many have described the methods of pranayama, regulation of the breath, few have considered that these methods lack spontaneity and have no impact on the underlying tensions.

It is, however, conceivable to escape the influence of merciless Time. To do so is possible only to yogins capable of realising their identification with the different time factors. For such a purpose, the system of Kalachakra Yoga was devised. No ritual or initiation can bring this freedom. Initiation can only be an introduction to the work or a recognition that a certain stage has been reached. To become free is a heroic and dangerous task involving all the thought, decision and action of a human being. First, we must become aware that we are enmeshed within this wheel and to do so must feel the extent to which our actions, thoughts and feelings are influenced by the different time factors.

Each planet and constellation has its characteristic nature which we, in our egoism, presume is ours alone. If, for example, Pluto is strong and angular in our natal horoscope, we assume that the characteristics of detachment and withdrawal are unique to us as individuals. We may not notice the muscular tensions common to all who have Pluto strong in their charts and we are probably unaware of the effect that this planet has on our breathing.

We may act according to the dictates of this planetary tyrant all our lives and die without ever realising that freedom was possible. We will probably take pride in the characteristics of sensitivity and isolation that Pluto, in His mercy, bestows upon us.

It may be that all the neuroses and psychoses that humans are prey to have their origin in our unconscious identifications with celestial factors. To become free is to reject such identifications on physical, emotional and mental levels. Prana energy is unnecessarily bound up with muscular tension.

Freeing even the smallest amount provides more energy for the task of becoming free from Time. The tenser a person is, the less alive she or he feels. Conditioning moves swiftly from the intellectual to the physical level. The nature of consciousness allows identification with any time factor, whether it be aspect, constellation, planet or luminary. The reason why we have chosen to accept the pattern existing at our time of birth is due to innate ignorance, according to Kalachakra Yoga. If we are microcosms, then, theoretically, we can access all qualities, all energies consciously.

But the practice is harder as our breathing patterns are frozen into characterological forms, our muscles tensed in caricatures of the planets. The following paragraphs show how each planet affects our expression and contributes towards lack of feeling. There is a tendency to withdraw from difficult situations. She or he feels that they do not really exist. Breathing is extremely shallow and restricted to the thorax.

Muscle tensions are widespread throughout the body, but the ankles, joints and deep muscles of the neck are particularly tense. The face has the appearance of a mask, the eyes seem to be glassy. She or he lives in a state of terror. Often, this is carried to such lengths that any social contact is avoided.

They seem to stare into space with their staring eyes, the result of not wishing to look within and feel remorseful. Their chest may be inflated with pride, their knees may be locked for support but their thin legs show that they do not really have their feet on the ground. The muscles in their thighs are knotted, their shoulders are often overburdened with troubles of their own making.

Because they give too much of themselves to others, it means that their own nature is lacking and this is often expressed by a lack of backbone and self. Typically, they have soft features, a well modulated voice and a rounded form. Muscle tone is soft. The inability to say no militates against Venusian characters. They are taken advantage of all too easily, building up in their hearts a bitter kernel which is as poisonous, in its own way, as prussic acid. Her or his own body becomes a machine and worth is measured in terms of productivity.

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These are the bits and bytes of the mind which turn people into automatons and cause the surface of our lovely planet to be turned into a cremation ground. Measured by the standards of a Uranian, a human being is only useful if she or he is productive. This concept permeates western civilisation.

Uranians often give the impression of solidity, with tense jaws, cold eyes and a clumsy way about them. In a Uranian character we see a clear demonstration of the solar and lunar nature of the planets. Outwardly cold, these people are actually struggling to express themselves against the odds. It is their rigid body armour which prevents them and is their tragedy. She or he spends much time enticing others and then fleeing. They are like will-o-the-wisps or slippery fish.

Inviting questions, they then refuse to answer them. Appearing less than what they are, at the same time they are more than how they appear. With their high, tensed shoulders and their frightened eyes, they seem more like gazelles than people. If the behaviour of a Neptunian character could be summed up, he or she seems like a rather weak liar. However, it is fear which prevents the expression of the soul and this is not, therefore, a question of morality.

They say this so often that it becomes obvious to the clear-sighted that the aggressive posture is a sign of insecurity. Martians often have good muscle tone and are slender and energetic. When anger fills their eyes a regular occurrence , they look like the embodiment of death. The Martian character is the antithesis of the Neptunian character. He or she will be blunt to the point of rudeness. But, like the Neptunian character, it is fear which prompts the outer defiance and rebelliousness.

Break through the character and you will find, as with all the other planetary characters, a spirit shining free. Tantraraja Tantra, Cap. This is one of the highest tantras of the Shri Vidya school. It describes the nature of Man and the Universe in thirty siz chapters of one hundred verses each and, unfortunately, still awaits translation into the English language. Its cosmological nature centres around Mother Tripura as the Queen of the Universe with her fifteen rays, representing the digits of the waxing Moon.

It also details magical and spiritual methods for freeing oneself from Time's enslavement. Goladipika, III, Adyar Library edition. At the same time One number of the series, 24, is not represented by any planet but corresponds to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. This diagram is founded on the traditional wisdom that every natural process follows a similar pattern. The enneagram is symmetrical in relation to a diameter passing through its apex.

These crossroads, crossovers, junction points represent points where new influences can emerge. Relating these planets and the diagram to the human body, we can conceive the starting point, above the head, as the white bindu. The 12 signs of the zodiac revolve around the centre of the axis at right angles to it. Above the head is a white lotus and below the genitals a red lotus.

The figures in the table show the sidereal periods that the planets take to revolve around the Sun. The bioenergetic literature is rich in descriptions of character types. It is recognised that no individual is a pure type and that every person in our culture combines in different degrees The explanation offered by the various schools of therapies is that such oral tendencies are the result of deprivation at the suckling stage of infancy.

Yet if such characteristics are the result of planetary influence, then the most that can be said is that such individuals, at birth, have a tendency to feel orally deprived. Or are we to conjecture that the child is the author of the deprivation? This formed a pleasing symmetry. There is no doubt that they are helpful to an understanding of both the symbolism of the constellations and their nature. And, for the first time, the octaves of childhood development, the planets and the constellations are shown to be inter- dependent.

The nature of the trans-Saturnian planets in astrology has been difficult to fathom. Pluto was only discovered in So we can discover the true nature of the trans-Saturnian bodies by comparing them with their opposites. If Venus is soft, vulnerable and affectionate and Uranus is its planetary opposite, then we can confidently predict Uranus will be hard, invulnerable and cold.

If Mars is aggressive, goal-orientated and thrusting we can judge that Neptune will be passive, not interested in goals and receptive. Observation confirms such insights. Bioenergetics, Alexander Lowen, Penguin Books The very term philosophy is Pythagorean in origin The rulership signifies what type of things comes under the planetary heading. The quality attempts to relate a planet's nature to the other planets and to its position in the solar system. Next comes a description of the stage in childhood development the planet represents. The effect of the planet on people is noted and the bioenergetic type it corresponds to is given.

Where the research of modern statistics has yielded fruit1, a list of keywords is specified. Lastly, the planet's nature, according to Hindu astrology is described.

Obviously, none exists for Pluto, Uranus and Neptune. Planets may be classified as solar and lunar. The solar planets all share in the Sun's creativity and express it in different ways, they are all self-centred, extravert and narcissistic. Each pair within these groups is opposite in nature.

Each planet within the pair cannot exist without its opposite and is partly defined by it. What is wholesome and good Jupiter can only be defined in relation to what is unwholesome and bad Saturn. Logic Mercury seeks to define and understand the illogical Pluto. Love Venus seeks to dissolve differences Uranus. An important key to understanding the influence of the planets is to consider them as being in movement in the development of the human being. The world for a child is the father, the mother and itself.

Sun and Moon produce the fertilised ovum and bring an incarnation to an end. Quality The Sun is the source of all light and heat on earth. It is taken for granted, yet without its dynamic energy nothing whatsoever would happen. In People Handsome, squarish body, eyes level, body lustrous, firm of temperament, impatient, fierce, a leader, hard, resolved, determined, short tempered, bright.

If Sol is strong but afflicted, the person tries to impose her or his ideas on others. Gauquelin Keywords None. Hindu Astrology Devakeralam: The king, square, cause of the day, the fiery-rayed one, terrific, the significator of world bliss, pitta temperament, golden colour, quadruped, lord of the east. Brihad Jataka: Yellow in colour, square appearance, pitta temperament, scant hair. Yavanajataka: Handsome, square-limbed, sparse and fine hair, wide eyes, golden colour, inscrutable, firm, fierce, steadfast, a leader, decisive. Quality The Moon is without life, a dead satellite, yet its continually changing appearance is very alluring.

It rules personality and image and these things wax and wane, according to the light source. Those with it powerful crave the light others emit and may often transmit this light in a new and fascinating way. The real source of light remains the Sun but the Moon rules the masses, because of their susceptibility to the influence of the few the leaders or Suns. The Moon also rules the associations of thought, which are the reflections of the senses.

Childhood Development An individual's ability to share, participate, reflect and be a member of society is signified by the Moon. In People Gentle, sensitive, soft, handsome, hair fine, body symmetrical and rounded, wide-eyed, sweet. Fagan says that those with the Moon powerful in their charts only live for the sensation of the moment. Like the Moon, they live by reflected light. Gauquelin Keywords Amiable, many friends, simple, good company, good hearted, accommodating, disorderly, absent minded, imaginative, easily influenced, fashionable, worldly, nonchalant, poetic, dreaming, obliging, superficial, tolerant.

The research studies showed the Moon to be positively significant for writers and, to a lesser extent, politicians. Negative significance was found for the professions of soldiers and champions. Yavanajataka: Handsome, wise, patient, courteous, pleasing eyes, speaking kindly, clothed in white. Quality While Mercury rules logic and expression, the effects of Pluto are diametrically opposite. The planet of shock, Pluto rules the unexpected, the unpredictable, the illogical and the strange.

Pluto deviates greatly from the plane of the ecliptic, giving it a new angle on the affairs of the world solar system. Mercury communicates but Pluto is the lone wolf. Childhood Development This planet symbolises the stage when a child is still in the womb. Though in the world, he or she is not of it.

There is close identification with the mother, who, for the foetus, is the world. No separate identity has yet emerged. The faculty that Pluto represents is detachment. In People Plutonian people tend to be dark, detached and aloof. Rarely are they noticed and sometimes they seem invisible. Free from all bonds of society, they nevertheless have insight into the world of spirit. They are unorthodox, yet at the same time they can conceal anything. They may be recluses.

If Pluto is afflicted or in a bad place, the person does not feel at ease in society and may possibly suffer from dissociation and hallucinations. This implies a loss of contact with their own body. They behave 'as if' they had feeling relationships with people. Body and mind held together by tenuous threads.

Face masklike. Disconnected look. The Gauquelins were unable to find any statistical significance for those with Pluto rising and culminating at the time of birth. Quality This planet rules all communication, whether by speech, writing or lecturing. It is the ruler of thought, the ability to compare two things and therefore, by extension, many things. It is, at its core, a dualistic planet. This should develop into the power of thought. While aware of separate existence, he or she is still closely connected to the mother.

The arising of a sense of difference between child and mother is the basis for the concept of division and the source of logical thought. In People Mercurial people are clever, good communicators, skilled in crafts and language, enjoying ambiguity and tricks. If Mercury is afflicted, the person may be unsure as to whether the world is real and she or he is real. Given this mechanism, feelings may be projected onto the world. This type of narcissism, together with the overemphasis on calculation may lead to paranoia. Psychopathic Character Doesn't connect with own feelings, views others as elements to be manipulated.

Apparent lack of feeling. Many oral tendencies see below. Very paranoid.

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As with Pluto, no results were found for the rise and culmination of Mercury at birth. Hindu Astrology Devakeralam: Villages, auspicious, always clever, temperament a mixture of the three dhatus, intelligent, dusky, lord of the north, fond of all flavours, son of the Moon, fond of ambiguities and puns. Brihad Jataka: Tremulous voice, humorous and joking, of vata, kapha and pitta temperament.

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Yavanajataka: Full and pure intellect, handsome eyes, good at composing poetry, at craftsmanship and at arts, unstable nature taking on others' characteristics and allowing own character to disappear. Quality Jupiter is the gas giant of the solar system. It represents the good in every sense and its fundamental nature is expansion, but this bubble can burst.

It is orthodoxy, thence ruling caste, class and privilege. When Jupiter develops properly in a person, then it represents the faculties of happiness, assimilation and good humour. Childhood Development In child development, Jupiter rules the stage when the world the mother seems to regard the child in high esteem. The child takes the centre of the stage, everything seems to exist for its comfort and well-being. In People When Jupiter is strong in the birth chart of a person, he or she may need the acclaim of others.

Expansive and exhibitionistic, the person may seem vain, self-absorbed, leeching off others.

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Such individuals may be either compulsive eaters or anorexics. Oral Character Desire to talk, generally about self, usually in favourable light. Exhibitionistic, takes the centre of the stage.